Motorola ES400

The Motorola ES400 pricing and costs have been available for a few weeks now but we still get the same questions pop up that I will try to fend off here. The Motorola ES400 pricing is confirmed, although subject to the Euro a little bit too.  Expect to pay no more than £430 for the standard battery version and £450  for the extended battery version. Motorola ES400 Availability is still not certain and we fear that we are not hearing the whole story here.  Whilst technically it is available to order now, it is still very debatable how many devices are on back order and we have even heard rumours of over 20,000 already having been ordered which are severely clogging the system up.  The wait could be a very long and painful one for project orders placed now and even longer until the ES400 becomes readily available.  I have heard of large 200+ projects being ordering and getting dates of January 2011 for delivery and its important to be clear about lead times when you order a device. The ES400 range has 2 options.  Option 1 has a standard battery, Option 2 has an extended battery but configurations are exactly the same other than this. Are there any alternative devices to the ES400.  Yes there are plenty of Motorola ES400 alternatives available that are arguably better than Moto’s little critter of a device!  Pidion provide the BM150R and the BM170 which are superb devices at great pricing.  Ganedata can give you a tiny Rugged PDA in the GX8010 for almost the same money and lastly Airo provide the A25 and A30 which are a little bit larger but decently specced. To find out more we’re always here to talk to Dave The Rugged and Mobile blog.

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