Motorola Defy - Rugged Android PDA

Motorola Defy – Rugged Android PDA

Motorola, best known in our circles for their Rugged PDA’s, have launched their first rugged android PDA.  The Motorola Defy runs Android and looks very much as you’d expect from an Android Smartphone other that it’s a Rugged Mobile Phone!

With a 3.7” touchscreen display sporting a decent 480 x 854 pixels, 800 MHz CPU, 5MP camera with a flash & AF, aGPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and a micro USB connector you’d be mistaken thinking it’s just another in the long line of Motorola Android Smartphones.

However, the Defy is IP67 rated which means it’s totally resistant to dust and can be submersed in water up 1M deep for a period of time.  In this case we’re hearing about 30 minutes.  The screen is also made of a material called “Corning Gorilla Glass” which is resistant to scratches as well as impacts, making the Defy pretty unique and definitely rugged, albeit semi-rugged in my view!  It will definitely offer protection against the classic keys in pocket or toolbox scenario though.

This extra protection doesn’t impact the size and weight of the device either with a size of 59 x 107 x 13.4 mm and weight at 118 grams. It’s almost in iPhone 4 territory, other than perhaps it’s thickness.

Rugged or Semi-Rugged ?

The burning question here is that it seems that the device does not have a drop specification so the term “Rugged” must be used loosely.  All you Mobile phone folks might think this device is rugged but it’s not really and we especially prefer to see “Semi-Rugged” devices have a drop spec in favour of an IP rating.  The support options are not in the same class as a Rugged Handheld device either but we’re addressing that now so we can offer fully comprehensive support that a business solution needs to be cost effective in the medium to long term.

One thing’s for sure, the Motorola Defy will offer some customers a new toy to dabble in with Android in a more rugged scenario and we’re saying watch this space!

Motorola Defy is available across Europe, Q4 2010, pricing TBC but we are hoping that judging by its spec it should come in under Milestone pricing.


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