We’ve been using 3G for years in one shape or another but with 4G now really taking hold it’s probably about time to talk about what’s next!  In the hunt for ever faster more reliable wireless connectivity, here’s some of the new technologies that we’re likely to see in the coming years.

LTE Broadcast

As 4G becomes the norm, it’s ultimately going to get adopted and used more and more, as us people find new and innovative ways to use our mobile devices on the go and that’s where LTE Broadcast comes in.  Predominantly slated for TV or live data usage on the go LTEB tries to address the issue of live data streaming and how it can be patchy or glitchy, even on the best 4G connection.  You can think of LTEB working much like TV does now.  Instead of devices pulling the same data, multiple times form a source, which requires the same ampount of bandwidth for every device that asks for it, LTEB broadcasts the data once and allows any mobile device to hook in to it.  So it’s ideal for scenarios where there are lots of devices accessing the data stream in one place as it doesn;t have the same bandwidth constraints of normal LTE or 4G.

This technology is nearly here and we’re already wondering if it could be used beyond that of just live streams of TV.  For example anything that can be broadcast, parcel updates, stock of supermarkets could be broadcast out to mobile devices and loads more.

This tech is kind of here now but how it will be implemented is being worked out by the players involved.


Yes, folks, you just bought your shiny new Samsung Note 4 or iPhone and are marvelling at your 4G connection only to find out it’s already old hat…Well it is if you live in S.Korea anyway.  Those tech loving Koreans simply love data and have been enjoying pure 100MB+ mobile connectivity for years but 5G aims to take that into the Gigabit region.  In fact Samsung has been reporting 7.5GB/s speeds which is astronomical and hard for us Brits to even contemplate!  They even managed 1.2GB/s on a moving vehicle whic is a far more realistic test.

Huawei have also announced a 4.5G technology which boasts similar speeds and not to be left out both Nokia and Ericsson (Remember them!) are trialling similar tech in Sweden and Finland.

Don;t expect this to come to the UK too quickly though, the earliest date I can see mentioned for roll-out is 2019!

WiGi g

WiGi g or Wigig” is the latest update coming to replace the WiFi on your handset and in fact Qualcomm have already got a chip that will support it on handsets coming out next year.  Based upon a new 801.11ad standard it should bring with it some drastic changes to your WiFi connection.

4GB/s might not strike everyone as useful at first glance, especially when broadband speeds are way behind that but what Wigig will change is the way we use our internal WiFI networks.  4K TV streaming will finally become a reality as Wigig will carry the data needed to stream to any device in the home. Also super high quality sound will be able to be carried.  The signal is also far better at dealing with interference so it’ll be way more secure and reliable and we’ll see Wigig definitely impacting the home security, automation and entertainment industries very soon.


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