MioCare are the healthcare arm of MIOWork and these devices are really unique, cleverly designed products that are  specifically aimed at the  healthcare industry.  We already sell the MioWork here, and there’s a healthcare version of that but the new A335 adds a whole bunch of features so MioCare decided to create a new product for it.

So whats new?

TO the general MIOCare A100 platform 3G is  a welcome addition to the range, all the Mio tablets thus far have been WiFi only so this will extend the use of the device into the field and add reliability of connection in the event WiFi is not available.

NFC is now built in and for those of you who are Android developers you know just how easy Android makes NFC RFID tag scanning so this is a real bonus.

WiFi now comes in dual mode 2.4 and 5GHz modes giving better stability, range and options for the use.

Add to this some genral updates to Bluetooth to v4.0, Android is updated to v4.2 and the CPU has been updated to a dual core 1.5GHz OMAP 4 affair that should keep it nice and powerful and current!

The Miocare A335 has the same antimicrobial casing on it as all the other devices in the range have and the rugged device will be available in June 2014.  Pricing is TBC but more on that as we add it to our range.

To find out more about MIOCare start here


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