QR Codes to those of us that don’t know are those funny little square “2D” barcodes that you often see on posters and can scan with your smartphone.  They’re really popular in Japan, not so quite so much here yet, but unlike traditional “1D” barcodes they can store a lot of information and securely too.

Mercedes have launched an initiative where a printed QR code found in the vehicle can help the fire service to cut into it effectively and efficiently.  It stores airbag locations, petrol tank info, electrical cabling routes and more information, all designed to help rescue teams gain access to passengers who might be stuck inside the car.

QR Codes mean that fire crews don’t have to understand or map a vehicle to recognise it, they can scan the QR code and get the vital information quickly on their rugged device.  In a scenario where every second counts, this is certain to champion a superb use of barcodes.

Mercedes opted to not patent the idea too so it’s freely available to anyone that wants to use it.  Bravo Mercedes for being big but responsible for a change.

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