iPhone Laser barcode Reader


Its a really slick app, it works and the staff at the Apple shop said that the Windows Rugged Handheld devices they used to have (symbol and Sequia) were always failing and too slow.  They even use the Pogo capacitive stylus for signature capture (trust me we have these stylus here and they are god awful) but they say using these occasionally is far better than using the old devices the whole time.

I’ve heard that the iPhone/iTouch has been used in a few stores now, Gap and Old Navy stores among the rumours so we’re keeping an eye on this as we feel it could make a very nice hospitality device, just wonder how rugged they would be and indeed how rugged they need to be?

I’ll check in at the store later in the year to see how they are holding up!



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Thanks to Apple insider for the images.

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