We don’t do an awful lot here with IOS any more, not because it’s no good, far from it but largely because Apple is not rugged.  However we’re still passionate about anything mobile so lets explore what changed on Monday’s expose of IOS 7.0.

For those of you that don’t know IOS7 is Apples latest mobile operating system for the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.  We unwrap the new features it brings to user right here:

  • Flat design.  You’ll blink, think you just picked up an Android device and then realise…no… it’s an iPhone with IOS 7 on it.  IOS 7 brings a new “flat” look to its OS, moving away from the “glossy” button look and feel.  Its had a general overhaul too so inbuilt apps have adopted the whole new look and feel too.  Part of this also includes and new unlock mechanism which has you swiping form the bottom up much like “pulling the ring” on an Android device.
  • Control panel.  Again a most useful feature already found on Android devices, the control is accessible with a swipe up and has all the much-needed quick access features you need, like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc.
  • Notifications – Swipe down instead and you get your notifications for the upcoming day.
  • The camera app has had an overhaul, with new filters and features to manage and view and share your photos.  We liked the square photo function which will allow for easy updating of your profile image for instance.
  • Airdrop kind of replaces the NFC tap n share that everyone is doing on android right now. Using Wi-Fi it allows iPhone users sat next to each other to share directly.
  • Apps have had an update, so expect to see changes in Safari, twitter, email and other built-in apps including the app store itself.
  • iTunes radio – think Spotify and this is Apples attempt at creating a cloud based MP3 streaming service that runs either free with adverts or paid for, for added features.
  • Siri has been improved.  Does anyone actually use Siri with any success though?
  • IOS in the car is a new way to integrate with IOS enabled car dash systems.  Much like the Microsoft Ford system it allows for connecting and sharing of data between your vehicle and phone.

Business wise we saw some improvements:

  • Multitasking – This is a big change in the way apps work behind the scenes and its far more…well…normal!  This will impact what apps can run and update in the background which will have business app developers very happy.
  • Data is better protected as are app licenses which are better managed and we thought we heard that they would be managed better across devices too but not 100% sure about that just yet.
  • Mobile device management will be better integrated.  Again not sure who’s behind this as there are good and bad MDM products and how easy it will be to install your own but at least its a step in the right direction for BYOD’ers.
  • A few new security measures for single sign on and data protection on 3rd party apps.

So the update is a big one!  i think there’s a few decent updates for the business community there, however it will leave the rest of us phone users wondering if Apple even caught Android up, let alone passed them over with these changes.  With Android 5.0 “Key lime pie” on the horizon, I would imaging Google is very happy to see not much catching up going on at all.

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