The Intermec Flex dock is a great idea that tries to make the cradle or dock element of the rugged PDA more sharable.

Intermec puts it this way:

“FlexDock is a unique scalable and modular docking system for Intermec products giving users the flexibility to design the docking

system that best suits their needs today as well as in the future.”

In English this means you can buy a base dock unit, specified as USB, Ethernet etc and you can then buy modules for the “cup” in order to build up a docking solution that will work for a range of Intermec devices.  Not only that but you can also buy other modules, such as battery chargers.  We’re told there will be more modules in the future but for now its a battery charger module or blanking plate.  The docks are comparable in cost to CN series ones and they are designed to fit the same mounting brackets as existing docks for the Intermec range.

Base units come in dual or quad format, no singles yet as we can see and you can join these together to make docking systems that will accommodate a range of different devices.  No more screwing docks to wood or surfaces when your devices change!

So far the CN70 and Intermec CS40 series are live with the CN50, CN3, CK3 series being added very soon.

We think this is a great idea because it genuinely allows the customer to mix and match devices and not have to worry about the docking solution.  However it still locks you in to Intermec and what would be really useful is for someone to come up with a cross manufacturer version of this…why not?

Downlaod Flexdock Spec Sheet Here

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