It’s not often we talk about Intermec these days but they have been making some waves in the Barcode Scanner market the past few months.  I thought I’d try to summarise the Intermec scanner range in full today.

 Rugged Barcode Scanners

The SR61 tops the range as it always has but there are few more models knocking about these days.  The T is the basic tethered barcode scanner with imager, laser or 2D technology available.  The TXR brings a long range 2D option, the B is a T but wireless and lastly the Bex is a cordless near/far scanner. The SR30 is still available as the lighter industrial offering.  It’s still rugged but it is just more budget in nature when compared to the SR61.

General Duty Scanners

It’s in the general duty or budget scanner range that the main changes have been made.  The SG10T is a new CCD Imager that’s right down in the £70 realm.  As you probably know from previous blogs about CCD imagers, they are cheap but also inherently more rugged than laser scanners and the tech is as good these days. The SG20 is what we call an “affordable” performance barcode scanner, although from £200 for a tethered version up to £400 for a 2D Bluetooth version, we think there’s still better out there for less, including Cipherlabs 1560. The SG20 is available in a healthcare version to, although bizarrely every hospital we talk to these days doesn’t seem to want anything with an antimicrobial case on it!!

Wireless Base station

One thing we do like about Intermec Barcode Scanners is that there is a wireless base station option.  This clever piece of kit is used to expand your WiFi network and gives a really good managed connection for your intermec WiFi scanners.  It only works with the WiFi ones and you can connect 7 scanners to them but they do help create a solid connection where it’s need. The SF51 is still worth a mention because it is a nice little batch scanner that will work with any Intermec device.  However with most batch scanners these days now having VCOM and HID interfaces they all tend to connect to anything anyway! That’s it, if you need any help at all then just come to us here. The Rugged and Mobile blog.

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