HTC P6500 - Discontinued

HTC P6500 – Discontinued

Hi Everyone

 The HTC P6500 has now been confirmed as end-of-life and will soon no longer be available from our website.

We have mixed feelings for the HTC P6500, whilst it provided a great platform for a lot of early Windows Mobile Applications and was by all accounts a decent PDA, we just saw too many issues with it in terms of its positioning, especially ruggedness.

The fact is that the HTC P6500 was never a rugged PDA and it confused the market and customers alike. We see customer after customer who chose the P6500 but then found after losing so many that there was no support, very little manufacturer help or advice and no roadmap either. We have a name for PDA’s like this…..”Mobile Phones!”, complete with 3% margins! and that’s what the P6500 was. The fact is that it created more problems than it solved and even as it is abruptly discontinued we have customers left wondering how much their now multiPDA estate will cost them to support and administer.

We had 2 HTC P6500’s here and both of them broke! One during a field trial where a rainy day left it sodden through and the other whilst falling out of a pocket in a car. 2 foot drop at most!

Whilst we did love the device for programming on, we won’t really be upset for too long. With phones like the GaneData gStar on the market you can get a properly Rugged PDA with the right support for the same price or go for the semi-rugged Pidion BM150R which is not IP rated but it does have a drop spec and is fully supported/roadmapped.

In my next post  I’m going to dispell some myths about Rugged PDA’s, watch this space!.

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