Honeywell AIDC have been busily buying up many rugged handheld  brands over the past few years and now confirmation that Intermec are going to be their next purchase have been confirmed.  The $600M (£400M) deal sees Intermec being sold to Honeywell lock stock and 2 smoking PDA’s and will mark one of the biggest buyouts of a rugged PDA manufacturer we’ve seen in recent years.

Intermec are generally talked about as the Number 2 rugged provider across the globe but their range has been talked about as being wayward and difficult to understand  by some which has let other manufacturers catch up in terms of share price and profits, leaving them open to a buyout.

What does this mean to the Intermec range and brand?  Well if Honeywell stick to form then we’ll see the range assimilated into their own, leaving only the complimentary kit and services.  With brands like HHP, Metrologic and LXE all but gone, I think this spells the end for Intermec as a brand too.

In terms of buying, we’re always wary of buyouts and mergers because all eyes turn inward and de-focus from customers.  I don’t care what people might tell you, this always happens so expect to see some changes being made quickly although we’re not sure just how quickly you can gobble up a £600M company!

So far no-one we know of from Intermec has commented on the buy-out but we’ll keep you posted as we know more.

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