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There’s a trend in Europe and the UK with Barcode scanners and Rugged PDA’s at the moment where we’re starting to see more and more Asian devices hitting our shelves.  Pidion, Mobile Compia, Zebex and even Opticon re-badge hardware that all comes out of the Chinese, Korean or Taiwanese markets.  We currently have 2 new Rugged PDA’s that we’re adding to our offering.  Both come from GaneData, who represent the windows mobile arm of Cipherlab so they have a degree of pedigree and they are proving to be great little devices.

GaneData gStar Rugged PDA

The GaneData gStar Rugged PDA

GaneData gStar

The GaneData gStar pictured below is aimed at the low price end of the market selling from £540 and it has a huge customer base in China being used in the most rugged of environments by cattle farmers.  It’s IP65 rated, has a 1.5m drop spec and is a tough little Windows Mobile 6.1 Rugged phone.  Its filling a gap left by the now discontinued Motorola MC35 whilst at the same time offering a truly rugged PDA that’s mobile phone sized.  Highlights are a superb battery that we are getting 8 hours of continual usage from, fantastic ruggedness and a chip reader as standard.  It also comes with HHP’s Adaptus 2D barcode scanner engine or a Low/High Frequency RFID reader.  The Low frequency option is almost unique, with only Psion’s Workabout Pro having the same LF option.  On the down-side it doesn’t have GPS built-in, there’s no Bluetooth unless you want to talk to a BT printer but that’s about it.

If you need a small form factor phone that is capable of performing most task that a mobility software will throw at it then the gStar will more than cope with your requirements.

We’ll be reviewing this Rugged PDA very soon.

GaneData gSmart

If you’re looking for a fully featured Rugged PDA then GaneData’s gSmart might be the answer.  Pictured below this device again has a very small form factor with most of its extra features packed into its depth.

GaneData gSmart Rugged PDA

The GaneData gSmart Rugged PDA

The gSmart is very rugged again with IP65 and a 1.5M drop spec and this time almost everything you can imagine is included.  GPS, the same 1D/2D barcode scanner option or RFID reader, 256MB RAM running Windows Mobile 6.5 and a lot more.  Aimed squarely at the Motorola MC55 this device is going to retail around the £600 mark which should make it an extremely attractive proposition.

The gSmart is scheduled for launch in February and we’ll let you have a full review as soon as we get a demo unit.


Both devices are backed up with a fully comprehensive 3 or 5 year support option including accidental damage which is based fully in the UK.  I recently had a tour of the facilities GaneData use and they are impressive to see and more than a match for any other manufacturers support offerings.

We think these 2 new devices have taken a look at the market and attempted to fill gaps that there is a demand for.  If you’d like to know more then please visit us at www.ruggedandmobile.com or give us a ring on 0845 22 62 898.


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