We’re still waiting on benchmark tests for our current small rugged PDA group test so in the meantime I wanted to just plug an offer we have here giving away a free commercial class vehicle charger on some of our semi rugged PDA’s.  Sorry for the lousy photo, I can’t seem to find our product camera at all this morning so it’s iPhone to the rescue!!

At the moment we’re bundling a free commercial class vehicle charger with both the Semi-Rugged Pidion BM170 and Motorola ES400 devices, saving your over £30.  The charger is our own brand so you know it’s a safe and a quality product, it’s a 2A charger capable of being used in 12V or 24V situations and with auto cut-off and all the electronics needed to keep your Semi Rugged Handheld charged but not over charged!

Our charger also uses a straight, non-coiled rugged cable so they’re easy to use anywhere in the car and have a really nice 3.5mm thick rugged outer casing.  We can adapt these chargers to be used with a growing list of devices so come and talk to us here if you have a vehicle charge other than the ES400 and BM170 as we can certainly help. We currently support the whole Pidion Rugged PDA range, M3M devices, and anything requiring a Mini or Micro USB charger.

You have to read the blog to qualify so just make sure you ask about them and give us the title of this blog to  ensure you get your’s free, for past customers we’re also offering them for a real bargain, otherwise they range from £12 each depending on the connectors used.

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