At last data roaming charges for Europe have been capped by Oftel.  In a move that starts today consumers will see an almost:

  • 40% drop in data charges
  • nearly 20% on outgoing calls
  • 12% on incoming calls
  • and 11% on texts

Data is of course the big winner here and this will almost certainly stop people being caught out as much leaving their data on for 2 weeks without knowing!  Whilst this is a big step forward, it still leaves the potential for big bills on your arrival home.  However some networks have gone further with some offering new tariffs that actually eliminate roaming charges on some charges altogether so we’re definitely moving in the right direction. We think it’s a big step forward, we’re not sure if it’s really going to eliminate those unexpected bills entirely but you have to start somewhere and if networks are already offering different European based contracts then it’s working. The Rugged and Mobile blog.

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