The Pidion BM180 and BP30 are 5″ screen sized Android devices, focussed on EPOS.  The BM180 is durable, the BP30 is the rugged version of the pair but other than that they’re pretty identical.

So far we’ve had the following availability update:

July 2014 October 2014 – Android WiFi only versions

Q1 2015– Android 3G/GSM versions available

Early Q1 2015 Windows 8 Embedded Wifi only

Mid Q1 2015 – W8E 3G/GSM versions

A 5″ screen is pretty unique in the rugged market right now so it’s going to be a race to see whether the Raptor R5 or the BM180 get to the market with a first.  As soon as we can get our hands on both devices we’ll be sure to pit them against each other and let you know which one comes out on top!

We’re taking orders if people want to order, so get in touch if you’re looking for something with a 5″ screen.

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