Not many people know this but we’re also an Apple and non-rugged provider.  Apple’s kit especially, makes for a great solution for many scenarios for those who all thought Apple was pas their prime, think again as they just posted some ball busting figures! So what made it such a great quarter?

  • A record 39M iPhones were sold, with a little help form their 2 newest iPhone 6 models.
  • This created a $41B revenue stream, beating many optimists expectations by a few billion.
  • Net income was $8.5B which is 12% more than this time last year.

These are startling figures on their own, but what’s most remarkable about this is that most other manufacturers, rugged or shiny are really struggling right now.  Samsung only last week has warned of 50% reduction in profits year on year and even companies like IBM, still deemed by many to be a thermometer in the tech industry struggled in the same quarter.

Apples business model is changing, it’s subtle, it’s slow but it is changing. A drop in iPad sales, at one time the stalwart of the companies profits, means that Apple seems to be understanding the market and adapting to what is needed.  The challenge will be if Apple can continue to growth and can they get stringer in the business and Enterprise markets.  For that we’ll have to see but I know I wouldn’t want this lot as competitors in my back garden!!


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