Apple iPhone 6 and Apple Watch unveiled!

Apple iPhone 6 and Apple Watch unveiled!
It's not rugged but it sure is business-like and brings new features that will change your life.
What we like
  • Thinner, lighter but bigger!
  • NFC and Apple Pay
  • Calls over WiFI!
Take a hike
  • Will battery improvements be enough?
  • Price
  • No sign of Sapphire glass?
90%First look

SSo one of the most talked about events in recent months happened yesterday and despite server glitches, outages and lots of swearing, I managed to watch the event live on my iPad and I wasn’t disappointed!

There were 2 products, well actually 3 (will talk about that in the next blog about watches!) launched at the event and as expected the iPhone got the first update.


iPhone 6 and 6+

There were no big surprises here, with lots of the rumours coming true so expect 2 phones. One with a 4.7″ screen known as the iPhone 6 and a second larger 5.5″ device that will be called the iPhone 6+. They are thin at just 6.9 & 7.1 mm, respectively, curved, harking back to the more iPhone 3GS era, which was still the best iPhone in many peoples opinion and the quality is there for all to see.

There’s 3 models distinguished only by the Storage ROM options of 16, 64 & 128GB.


So a fair bit of the event saw a whole load of numbers and features put on the screen about cameras, LTE/4G, CPU speed and battery life and these were all the same progressive improvements over the last model, however it should be noted that battery power has been addressed, although nothing that would set your hair on fire, but a CPU which is now 50% more efficient than before there should be some noticeable improvement.

The screens are both “Retina” but they are falling behind on the resolution that devices like the Samsung Note 4 now have so 1920×1080 resolution is not class leading any longer in the face of quad HD, but it’ll still give a bright, beautiful experience and will play movies in all their glory!

There were some nice changes to the camera.  Although staying at 8MP, the sensor has been improved and there are some really cool new features coming that should make the whole camera way better, also creating much better quality images.

The last thing that caught my eye was the new calls over WiFI feature that means you can make phone calls over a 4G or WiFi connection instead of the traditional GSM network, much like the way iPhones already let you text over WiFi using iMessage.  A lot was made about the clarity of these calls being better but I think we’re all on the same side when i say I want to know if the costs of these calls are free, like VOIP and if they could mark the end of extortionate roaming charges.

So there were some nice progressive and mostly expected changes, however there were also some crowd cheering moments aswell.

Apple Pay & NFC

Perhaps the biggest of these was Apple Pay and as many rumoured, the new iPhone has an NFC payments technology built right into it.  You just add any credit card to the system, verify it and from then on you just tap your phone to pay.  What’s different with this and say the quirky clunky apps out there already from EE and PayPal is that this has the right people involved so it just works.  Apple are trying to make another “iTunes” but for payments and if there’s anyone that can revolutionise the way we pay for things then Apple can do it.

For a start the NFC antenna is in the top edge of the phone so it’s super easy to tap in the right place and add to that Apple’s focus is not on the technology here but on the very ethos of getting rid of our wallets and the old fashioned “5 decades old” process of using credit cards.

This will be a big game changer in itself but add to this Apple are releasing a full SDK so that developers can build payments right into their apps using the same system.  This is going to see some real innovation in this area.

It’s a game changer in my view.

Barometer & Motion CPU

There’s a new sensor in the iPhone 6 and it’s called the Barometer. No big features here but it enables the phone to now also work out your height too which will already feeds data into the other big feature of iPhone 6…


…Yes Apple is not just stepping into the health market but taking One big huge, two footed leap with it’s Health SDK.  Apple has bundles 2 apps into the phone already, one to monitor your every day lifestyle type of fitness, think “Fitbit” and number of steps etc.  It monitors your movement 24/7 and tells you if you’re doing the bare minimum.  I did see a sleep function in there too but nothing was said about that.

The other is an app aimed at working out and with Apples claims that it will know if you’re walking, running or cycling this should shake up the workout quite a bit.  As a cyclist, i’m constantly peeved at the lack of tablet/phone support for trainers and I am hoping that with this and the SDK that comes with it there will be some killer apps to help me train without the use of a blooming laptop at last!!

UK Prices & Availability

The contract prices look really great, but the handset only prices are eye watering but you do get a lot of phone for your money.  Prices are below:

iPhone 6 prices are not cheap!

iPhone 6 prices are not cheap!

Pre-order from 12th September or walk into queue for 4 hours at a store and buy one from the 19th.

So next up was the Watch, we’ll cover that in the next blog right here.

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