The rumours are true, Google are now even marketing out the name of their next version of Android in a joint marketing venture between Nestle and themselves.  Not an awful lot has been said about the deal as yet and just how far the “Kit Kat” brand will be diffused into the Android operating system but for now we know 2 things:

  1. Nestle have a special Android chocolate bar with deals to win certain Google based products


  1. I have my hope and ability to pray to not have to endure a “sponsored by…” Nestle smartphone experience in any way shape or form on the next phone.  I also hope we don’t get another baby milk scandal where i’m being mentally pushed to replace my 5-a-day with kit kat bars of chocolate every time I use my smartphone, but I let my anxiety get the better of me… maybe…

So back to the facts!

Originally everyone was talking about v5.0 and “Key lime pie” but in an abrupt move Google has now confirmed that the next version of Android will be v4.4, it will be called “Kit Kat” and the interim version update 4.3 will be a “Jelly Bean” update.

We have a nice little Google history right here on our Android webpage so go check that out for a history of Android and just how quickly it has caught up.  As for it’s release, the latest versions of the Nexus range will get he OS first, however these are launching with v4.3 for the moment.  As yet no solid launch date or feature set for Kit Kat has been published.

As for rugged devices, well we’re still seeing a slow but sure drift form v2.3 to 4.1.  We’ll always lag behind slightly due to the nature of mission critical but our software guys here are always up to date with the latest versions of Android and what they can do.

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