OK, so to really round off Android (for now) we’re going to be creating a list of Android devices that are currently announced and fully available.  I’ll try to keep the list up to date and the status’ of each Rugged PDA or Tablet accurate but any help or input is welcomed.  We’re only including UK/European devices that support GSM too.

Last updated: 11/07/2012

BM170Pidion BM170 – Available

The BM170-C and L5 now have a orderable and live version of the Android 2.3 OS.

BIP-6000Pidion BIP-6000  – Available

There are 3 orderable models, qwerty keyboards and RFID still seem to elude the Android 2.3 OS version of this device.

T180Ultimo T180 – Available

The official European and Dual SIM version of this device also rebranded as the JCB ProSmart amongst other things!!  Adopted, Supported, Repaired here and as such is the cheapest fully rugged smartphone we currently offer.

DartSkeye Dart – Available

Skye’s answer to the field PDA.  Quirky, expensive, lacking accessories but it’s on the list!

AllegroSkye Allegro – Available

Used by the Swiss post (They must love carrying this around all day!!).  Touch, rugged PDA with an LCD you can have  horizontal or vertical.

PS236Getac PS236

Not quite the worlds first but nearly!  Tough, Rugged but no phone and Android 2,2 is a bit long in the tooth.

e430Winmate e430 – 1-2 months

Fully Rugged, 4.3″ LCD, built in 1D/2D scanner or in super slim none scanner configs.  Arguably the first Rugged Android on the market although not quite ready yet in scanner guise, we know we’ve been testing them all week!

HM40Pidion HM40 – New model ETA 4 months.

The next device to become available (we have a demo unit now).  This is a small 2.8″ LCD with scanner and numeric and qwerty options.  Think of it as an Intermec CS40 but better.  I guess they have to get the OS for qwerty right soon then!

OberonDuracomm Oberon

Very promising looking 3.5″ Android, blurring the lines between Rugged Android PDA and Rugged Android Smartphone.  Very Tough, rugged design, Dual SIM, supported from here and should be here very soon.

HM50Pidion HM50 – New Model ETA 6-9 months

Announced, we have test images here but nothing more at the mo.  This will be the new BIP-5000 level device but it won’t actually replace the BIP-5000 just yet.

MC40Motorola MC40 – Announced

similar to the Oberon in spec and form factor but with a 4.3″ LCD and barcode scanning technology.  It’s currently announce but that’s all we have at the moment.

Remember these are the ones we’ve either tested or we think are good for the rugged market.  No Defy”s or Samsung’s here I’m afraid!  Let us know if there’s anything else and we’ll try to add it!  We’ll add devices as they become available.

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