Android is not only the most common operating system in the world now, but it keeps on taking market share even though it’s share is already high in the 80% ages.  Android now accounts for more than 87.6% of the total mobile device installs in the world which is quite remarkable.


Mobile OS market share 2016 Q2

Mobile OS market share 2016 Q2


The above chart, courtesy of our friends at IDC, shos that whilst growth overall has flattened out in general across the mobile device market, Android has still managed to grow even more since last quarter.

So what do the figures tell us?

Well Androids growth has been largely supported by a small demise of Apple market share. In fact Apple is about 21% down year on year, despite Q2 being it’s typically worst quarter due to anticipation of new models hitting in Q3.  The iPhone 7 has stemmed these losses but Apple is definitely for the first time in years showing signs of decline.

Microsoft slumped all the way  back to lower than where it started and is now at 0.4% with others barely making any numbers up at all.  Microsoft’s focus has changed however, we first talked about their shift of focus away from mobile OS and handsets a year ago and it seems that whilst the tech giant likes to still talk it up when it comes to Windows Mobile Phone, it’s just that…talk!

As for Windows enterprise OS, does anyone actually understand or know whats going on there?

Mobile OS market share figures

Mobile OS market share figures

We’re not biased when we say this, but Android for businesses, let alone mobile enterprise solutions is now the only way to go. The risks and uncertainty are simply too high with both Microsoft and Apple and we’re definitely seeing this with strong growth in rugged Android devices.

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