I spoke about the Trimble Nomad being spotted using the Google operating system some time ago and now it seems another manufacturer has followed suit and you can read about it here.


The article is US-based again but to me it does mean that Google’s Android OS is being taken seriously by some Rugged PDA Manufacturers and with Motorola already producing consumer Android handsets it could be the tipping if we see an MC55 follow suit!

What does this mean to end users.  Well on one hand, largely not all that much.  Many devices are “Kiosked” so they only perform the tasks that the custom-built software allows them to do, like deliver parcels, or get jobs whilst mobile.  However the other school of thought is that Android is vastly better than the currently available Windows Mobile 6.1 or 6.5 and it is gaining critical mass in the consumer developer world.  With more and more software houses choosing to develop applications for the android, it will only take a few rugged PDA’s to adopt it and we could see the first big split between OS’s for the first time since Palm OS days in the Rugged market place.

Add to this the Apple iPad is looking like the perfect hospitality and EPOS base and we could see the same bloody war in the RUgged market as we’ve seen n the consumer side of mobile phones and pda’s.

I’d watch this space as it all pans out!


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