We gave Pidion the title of “First Rugged Android PDA” some months ago now but it seems Pidion have decided to remove their Android Pidion BIP-6000 and Android Pidion BM170 and Pidion HM50 from sale in a shock and sudden move.  You only need to go to the Pidion website itself and you’ll find that Android has been largely stripped from their offering which confirms this news.  To be honest Android on Pidion’s has been a lot of hard work, we have had nothing but conflicting advice, poor communication and changing dates and so in a way we’re kind of relieved that the mess can at least now be cleared away.

So we wanted to put the record straight here for anyone who has or was hoping for Android on their Pidion BM170’s, BIP-6000’s or HM50’s, by answering the questions we have received so far and by letting you know what we know.

Have Pidion responded to our questions or made a statement about this?

in a word…No.  Their management haven’t even graced us or anyone else for that matter as far as we know with anything at all on this decision.  We have also spoke to distributors and other resellers last week to try to shed some light on this and nothing…zip, nada my friends!  Being the number 1 reseller of Pidion in the UK does not seem to make any difference right now.  If you know anything, then please post a comment up!

What does it mean for people who bought Pidion BM-170’s or BIP-6000’s and were hoping to upgrade them?

Well actually Pidion never actually developed Android themselves, choosing a partner to do that for them.  The Android they have developed is still very available, it’s actually better than anything Pidion delivered anyway and we have already got a great relationship with them so we can supply Android on your devices.  Just come and ask and we’ll help you out.

Will Android be coming back to the BM170 or Pidion BIP-6000?

We don’t know!  I would find it extremely unlikely though.

Will Android still be available on the new devices Pidion are selling?

We asked that too!  The website seems to have pulled everything, including the much-anticipated HM50 from their Android offering, other than the HM40 and tablets.

Are we peeved at this?

You can bet your life we are.  You only need to read this blog to see how Rugged and Mobile and others have believed in, committed to and helped Pidion develop so it’s really disappointing to hear 3rd hand about this and have the cloak and dagger treatment from their management when it was so core to Pidion’s and our strategy.  We’ll get any news or updates out as soon as we get them.

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9 Responses

  1. Mike

    You might want to check out the SEALS TS3 Android smart phone that we are distributing. High IP rating/Good drop test, twin sIM card slots and panic key (good for loan workers). No bar code reader but camera works well for occasional scanning. Drop me an email for more info. We will be showing it at MTM on Feb 27th – let me know if you want to attend.

  2. Joshua Barker

    Interesting that they were announced as a launch partner on Windows Embedded Handheld 8 a couple of weeks ago and now they’re pulling out of android.

    • ruggedandmobile

      I don’t think they’re “pulling out of Android” (Sorry to quote you there Josh!) and I don’t think this will affect their newer Android devices that have been built from the ground up as Android, but they certainly have “Pulled Android” from certain models.

  3. Paul Steven

    We had one of this and it was not good my friends! No loss there. Maybe you try a blog on droids that are durable?

  4. Todd Blumer

    There certainly was a lot of confusion because Bluebird shipped an alpha version of their own Android release before shipping Android from SDG Systems (then “pulling” it for reasons we still don’t understand — probably to promote Android on the HM40 and BP50?). SDG is still shipping and supporting Android for the BIP-6000 and BM-170, and working with partners like Rugged and Mobile to give people the Android option. In other words, Pidion doesn’t market it, but it’s still just as available, including support for new BIP-6000 models with UHF and LF RFID.

  5. ruggedandmobile

    Cheers Todd. Just to let everyone know on here, we’re working with SDG to deliver the Android OS onto the BM170 and BIP-6000. If anyone wants any help at all in the UK or across Europe then just come to us and we can help.

    We’ll do a blog very soon to just put everything straight on this and to make sure everyone knows where they stand.