Check-In SOS on Raptor R5 and R8

Another week, another new app!!

The Raptor tool belt is designed to give our Raptor business users a  full suite of apps that really help and assist them and their users and this week we turn our attention to users with our Check-In SOS application.

Check-In SOS is a fabulous application that allows you to quickly and easily set up a user and device check-in system that gets your users to check-in with you throughout their working day.  The app can remind users to check in and sends a message and location at the touch of a button via email or text.  If your users get into trouble then they can use the SOS feature that immediately tells you if they need help quickly.

All Raptor applications are totally free and free from any adverts so you can use them knowing they won;t intrude, steal data from you or become a hassle to use.

Check it out on the Google

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