Raptor R5 with Auto Battery Saver Running

This week we’re celebrating launching our 3rd Tool belt application and this is where it’s starts getting serious! The Auto Battery Saver is a fab little app that you can set and forget and it looks after your battery by switching off power hungry features at set battery levels.  It’s quite reminiscent of the old Motorola/Symbol devices that go into a lower power mode if the battery level dropped to 10%.

The Raptor Auto battery Saver has 3 battery levels you can set so you can gradually reduce power usage as your battery nears empty.  So you can just dim the screen at say 30% battery, but at 20% maybe you opt to turn off some radio’s and at 10% you could seriously dim the screen, set some timeouts to really quick settings and sacrifice a little usability for the sake of getting through a day shift on 1 charge.

Most of the time Raptor devices shouldn’t need this kind of application as they all have super big batteries, however it’s still a really handy app to have and it’ll run on any Android device so it just might come in handy after all!!

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