Do you need an app that gives you a very quick and easy way to track your assets or work flow, then Asset manager might be for you!

The latest in our line of free Raptor Tool belt applications, Raptor Asset Manager gives you a really fabulous way to scan and track assets.  The Raptor tool belt is designed to give our Raptor business users a  full suite of apps that really help and assist them and their users and Asset Manager is no exception.  It’s basic but flexible enough to be used in many scenario’s with 3 flexible free form text fields that can be used to store extra ID information with each asset you scan.

Asset Manager on R5 rugged smarthpone

Use it for proof of presence, to track where you have been, stock take with it or just use it to record your assets!  Scan away all day and save your work as you need to.  Save to the device or email it to a colleague at any time.

Comes complete with our Xing based barcode scanner module built right into it so it’s 1D and 2D barcode scan ready.

I’m amazed we’re giving this away for free to be honest, and as with all Raptor applications Asset Manager is totally free and free from any adverts so you can use it knowing they won’t intrude, steal data from you or become a hassle to use.

If you like it but need something a little bit different or more then just get in touch as we can quickly tailor a bespoke application for a lot less than you think.

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View all our apps, see what’s coming soon and being developed right now and contact us if you have an idea you think we could turn into an app!

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