So, we’re hopefully launching our new website today, subject to a final beta test and I can tell you if you’ve been over to then you’ll probably agree it’s been a long, long time in the making!  There’s a lot of change happening for us right now, but when we sat down at our final SCRUM meeting yesterday, I as the product owner was given a chance to reflect on the whole premise of the new hardware section of the site which is around choice…..lack of it!

Rugged and mobile was always known for the deep choice it gave you but it brought us a certain type of customer and forced us in to a certain way to work. The new website is all about removing brands, removing categories of device and removing rugged handhelds, barcode scanners and printers and focussing on the ones left far more deeply.  Free choice was always what people sought, long tail etc, but now the long tail is bigger than the big hitters area now, so what do you do?  We could carry on focussing on everything, like a web shop perhaps. Shallower knowledge = less service which means we end up with only price and margin to negotiate on which in turn costs the customer money in the short, and long term.


We still focus on the choice but we bring you the best of it so we can deliver deep knowledge, great service and save you money in the long term.  We also still get to be passionate about what we do!

So check out the Hardware section of the new site later today which is like nothing else in our market and you’ll see how focussing in on some key brands has already affected the service we offer, even as you browse through our website.

When you buy your rugged hardware or are looking to put in a mobile solution of some nature, have a think next time of who’s likely to pick that phone up when you need help and who’s got the passion to understand the kit they sell or even to bother with you at all. I think the market is about to change hugely and the customers are also going to have to change with it as well as us!

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