It’s been food art week in Liverpool this week so I thought we’d have a little break from Rugged PDA’s and instead talk about how some of us have been busy taking some time out to learn how to make bread. However it’s a lot more than that….

I don’t think Liverpool’s alone in this but we’re currently caught up in the middle of a social cock-up.  The council have knocked down all the lovely old Victorian terraced houses all over the city but haven’t bothered to replace them, leaving swathes of open grassy areas where there were once communities and it’s hit most of the outlining suburbs of Liverpool quite badly. Wavertree, Everton, Aigburth, Toxteth, Kensington and more have all been affected and none more so than L4, Anfield.

Home baked is a new community driven and owned bakery that’s based in Anfield, right across the road from the famous Liverpool “Anfield” football stadium and it sits right in the middle of the local community.  Whilst the bread, atmosphere and general whole experience of the place is pretty damn awesome, it’s what the bakery stands for and where it’s trying to get to that’s the important part of the venture.

Forming just part of the vision, Home Baked is just one piece of the 2 Up 2 Down plan and this ones built by locals and has a real chance of re-lighting the local community.  How many of you reading this right now can’t get a decent sandwich at lunchtime that’s not from a petrol station, supermarket or MacDonalds?  Well Home Baked is designed to bring back the whole local spirit and economy with it.

We’ve all heard people talking about “bringing the local community together” but Home Baked isn’t just another government scheme.  It’s owned cooperatively, has been formed from the roots up and has grown from the community, involving it at every step , firmly focussed on serving the locals that need it most. It’s not a fancy bakery selling sourdough for £3.50 a loaf either. Whilst i’m not knocking that at all (We also love the Baltic bakery!!), Home Baked bakes the products that the local community want and can afford so that the local economy can grow and sustain itself once again.

The plan is that this will just be start of creating local jobs, getting people involved and helping to bring and keep money in local communities, where it’s sorely needed, it’s been open now for about 5 weeks and it’s booming

The Bakery’s always looking for help, so if you want to help in any way then get in touch with us or them.

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