First of all peeps, a quick apology about the missed blog yesterday.  For those not in the UK, Monday here was a well earned bank holiday so we took the liberty of a day off!

In true social style, I wanted to just let everyone know about the recent break in we had at our sales office space, the Liverpool Business centre office here which houses our admin and sales.  We had a number of laptops go missing, our blogging kit went with the camera’s and lights going and a number of smartphones.  The rugged demo kit seemed to be unattractive to the robbers although most of that is kept elsewhere, as is our repair centre!  So whilst RAM lives on, there has been a lot of disruption to the blog this week and I wanted to just say bear with us and we’ll be back in force by next Monday.

Unfortunately Business first, the liverpool business centre management company prefer to covert (actually speed really quickly) around in their Ferrari’s and Bentleys rather than help us secure the property but we are working on that ourselves and with other business owners affected here, with the police and a lovely customer who has stepped in to help us secure the building using their security expertise.

Within a few days we’ll be 10 times as secure as we were, no thanks to Business First though!

Will be back blogging on Monday, business however is as usual here and any comments just come to us here or give us an email/call.

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