As we see businesses really starting to adopt and innovate on the mobile space this year, it’s still very interesting that we’re still seeing a lot of change in how we use mobile devices across Europe and how different we all still are across the continent when it comes to the consumer market!  Because consumer trends often translate right into business ones so I thought i’d try to add to a great article by Flurry today to see if I could throw a few insights into this.

Smart device penetration still fragmented

As you can see from the main graphic of this blog, there’s still a huge difference in device adoption across Europe.  Sweden lead the way with 150% adoption, which means for every person in Sweden they have 1.5 devices to their name.  Netherlands and the GB follow closely with 138 and 130% respectively but then it tails of as we go East across the continent.  It would be interesting to see if these figures had been falling or gaining over the past few years as I know i’ve gone from using 2-3 devices with regularity to using only 2 (12@ tablet and smartphone) to 1.5 (Phablet with occasional tablet usage).  What is shows however is how the South and East of Europe still have a long way to go in terms of the number of devices they use whilst Northern countries are perhaps not using a plethora of devices we all thought we were!

There is a Phablet revolution and Spain are the leaders!
Spain leads the Phablet revolution

Spain leads the Phablet revolution!

In terms of device form factors used, we can clearly see the popularity of the Phablet and it’s interesting to see that the countries with lower penetration of devices seem to love the Phablet! Maybe they’re ahead of the curve and have simply adopted the 1 device fits all mentality before the rest of us?

Interestingly it’s clear to see that the 3.5″ screen device has all but died a death now, I mean seriously, no-one uses the once classic sized 3.5″ screen any longer in the consumer world which could spell a lot of trouble for businesses trying to wedge in Windows Mobile devices into their users.

Again it would be nice to see these stats over the years to make more sense of them but what i do know is that this also shows the demise of the smaller tablet too which has been squeezed out from below by phablet adoption and from above with the adoption of larger tablets, especially in the UK who love their tablets!!

User engagement times on smart devices
YOY mobile device session time growth

YOY mobile device session time growth


Not surprisingly all countries show an increase in device usage and there’s nothing to report here really.  The more mature countries seeing the lowest increases over the past 6 months and coming in under the global average of 63% is expected as is slow growth in the under adopted countries such as Italy.  To put this into a bit more global perspective the USA has 52% growth, Brazil 189% and India 107% which shows why all the focus is being put on these countries right now by the major brands.

To further understand just what users are doing with the time spent on their devices the below graph does show some interesting data.


What user are doing on their smart devices

What user are doing on their smart devices

So Media applications seem to have the same rough usage rate which I find surprising.  With 200MB broadband in the UK and also more developed economies like Germany and a trend in much better WiFi equipment being bought for the home and businesses, i’d expected to have seen far more streaming media usage than shown here.

UK and France lead the way in terms of social activity.  You only have to take a trip on the Tube or the Metro to see that in action!!  UK folk especially are known to lead the way when it comes to Instagramming or What’s Apping the things they see and do!  As expected countries with lower general adoption would see lower social activity as they simply have less of the population connected up.  The Germans, however aren’t a country of socialites, using their time to instead play games. as does Italy.

I thought this would be interesting to show you guys and it does show some trends that I think will ultimately end up driving the business sand enterprise markets.  In the UK especially I think we’ll see way more adoption of Phablets in business applications that are already being seen as a 1 toll fits all solution.  We’re also already starting to see some aggressive adoption of Social style applications that are driving collaboration and sharing in business applications and I think will pave the way for a whole new era of solutions in business.

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