It has been over 3 months ago since Android’s latest operating system was released, namely Marshmallow, v6.0 but it seems that still only 1% of devices are running the brand new OS.  What’s most interesting though is that Lollipop or version 5.x of the Android OS is still growing by about the same as Marshmallow.

Android version growth October 2015 on left, Jan 2016 Right

Android version growth October 2015 on left, Jan 2016 Right

So just what’s causing this to happen?  Well firstly the adoption generally of Marshmallow is simply too much for manufacturers to keep up with.  I hardly know anyone who’s had an update recently on their Samsung or HTC phone, unless it’s to a newer version of Lollipop so manufacturers are finding it hard to keep.  Secondly it proves just how weak Nexus sales can be.  The Nexus 5X and 6P are great phones, they ran Marshmallow out of the box but they’re clearly not selling as well as we think they are.

Lastly if you turn to any OEM manufacturer, which we see in the rugged market place then we’re all still using way more stable v4.4 to 5.0 still which are still great OS’s.

There’s no doubt Android 6 is a great update to have but maybe too much change is causing too much fragmentation of the Android OS and Google need to make it easier to install and update to their latest versions.


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