We have had an awful lot of people ask us this and in a nutshell there is no way you can switch of Predictive text on the Motorola ES400.  However there are a couple of solutions to this we discuss right here.

Solution 1

It’s all down to a registry key and despite not being implemented in the OS, the ES400 does have the registry key that you can use to turn predictive text functionality on or off.

Use a Windows Mobile remote registry application to open up the registry on the Motorola ES400.  Then browse to:

HKLU -Control Panel – SIP

Change the SuggWords Key word to 0 to switch off, or 4 to switch back on.  The original value seems to be 4 but we found that 1 also worked to switch it on.

Works for us a dream!

Solution 2

For those of you that find registries and tweaking semi rugged PDA’s a little bit confusing then we can supply 2 CAB files that you simply copy to your ES400, run the one called ON to switch T9 on, Run the 1 called OFF to switch it off!  Simple!

Give us a shout in the comments below or email us and we’ll send you the CABs.

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12 Responses

  1. Abe

    Hey dudes, this is just what i’m looking for. can you send the cabs to XXXXX?

    • ruggedandmobile

      Hi Abe We have to remove links and emails from the blog for spamming and security reasons. We’ve had a bit of demand for this so we’ll send you the files but we’re going to put them up on a link form now on!

  2. reweti pepere-montgomery

    Can we please get the file thanks

      • ruggedandmobile

        Hi Manne

        I edited out the email address due to SPAMMERS but you defo got it right. I double checked our SPAM folders and nothing. Is your email the one you registered the comment with? manne@e…..1.se ?