As you’re probably aware the Rugged PDA market is predominantly Windows Mobile or Windows CE, Microsoft in a word and despite being beaten up all over in the shiny smartphone sector of the market, both of these operating systems remain extremely competent for us line of business folk in the rugged market.  One area that’s extensive and quite interesting to discover on devices is the registry and it’s in here that you can browse, add and change existing settings on any rugged PDA.  In fact depending on the manufacturer there are often a plethora of things you can tweak.

However tweaking the registry is often out of the skill set of the average user, however there is a great little tool we use that can create a CAB file for you, that simply executes on your rugged handheld and changes the required settings.  CAB files can also be included as part of your OS build or persistent set-up to so once installed they will make the changes permanent no matter what happens to the device.

Here’s how:

  1. Download a tool called CERegEditor, which is freely available.  Come ask me here if you need a copy.
  2. Then connect your rugged PDA and browse and change the registry key you would like to change.
  3. You might need to unlock the registry before you can make edits, do this by selecting “Tools -> Unlock Registry” for the Menu.
  4. Now right-click on the key or keys you want to change and edit them.
  5. Now the tricky bit, you have to make a Reg file first that will contain all the details of the changes for you.  Click on the key and select the Export button.  Keep the default changes but create a nice name for the Reg file.
  6. When you;ve done this, open the reg file, it will just show you the registry information it has in it.  You might want to delete some keys, or add some at this point.
  7. Now just select “Reg -> CAB” from the conversion menu item, enter your owner name and version info and this will create a CAB file that can be run on the intended device.

It’s just a nice way to give our customers changes and tweaks without them having to dive in to the registry themselves so if you need any help like this at all, come talk to us here and we’re always happy to help.

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