Welcome peeps, today we’re getting a little bit technical but on an issue that is potentially on every Windows Mobile device, so quite topical!

As you know, mobile devices are pretty much useless these days unless they’re connecting and sending or receiving all kinds of updates throughout their working day.  In the field this is done over 3G or Wifi but largely unsecured networks where SSL and encryption is certainly required.

Root certificates are the standard secure SSL certificates that are used by all kinds of apps to enable this functionality without having to install your own costly certificates and Windows Mobile devices have many root certificates installed by many providers.  On 28/01/2014 Global Signs certificates expired and we found  on every Windows mobile 6.1 and 6.5 device that we checked today, this was the same so essentially if your app uses this companies root certificate, then you need to update it.  Here’s how!

1. First download the refreshed certificate here:

2. Copy the file you saved onto the handheld, make sure it has a .cer ending.

3. On the handheld, open it up in file explorer and install it by double tapping it.

4. Now using a registry editor program (We use Remote registry editor via active sync on a pc), navigate to KEY_LOCAL_MACHINECommSecuritySystemCertificatesRootCertificates

5. Delete the folder called 2F173F7DE99667AFA57AF80AA2D1B12FAC830338.  This will remove the old expired cert from the cert store and your app will now use the new version you’ve installed which will allow a connection to function securely and properly.

For many this won’t be an issue but we have had a few users using apps that have sprung up the dreaded error message.

As always get in touch if you need any more help!

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4 Responses

  1. RAM Q&A of the week | Rugged and Mobile Official Blog

    […] This can appear on any device running Windows mobile or Windows embedded handheld, right up to the most recent v6.5.  It’s basically a root certificate that has expired and if you use an app that uses a root certificate that has expired then you need to update it.  it’s an easy fix, it’s not a hardware issue as it’s across all devices and instructions are right here. […]

    • ruggedandmobile

      Hi Larry. We’ve had a go on a few popular brands here, Bluebird Pidion, Dotel and I think an old Intermec and all worked out OK. It might be that Rugged devices are simply SIM free and open by default if bought through the reseller channel. If you have a network purchased device or an older Windows mobile smartphone then that could get in the way of doing this update.

      Can I ask if you have a specific device in question as that would be interesting to know?

      • Larry Silverman

        No specific device. We have customers with Motorola, Intermec, Psion, Denso, Honeywell. Wide range. I think we’re going to just make sure when we renew our certs, we go with a CA that has a long expiration date period.