This week we’re going to take a quick look at the hard reset and persistent storage areas of the rugged PDA.  One of the big differences in rugged PDA’s and smartphones is their ability to maintain applications through thick and thin so even if you need to clean boot, restore or re-image, there are ways you can keep your line of business applications running.

Today we take a look at the various ways you can reset a Rugged PDA and explain the differences between them all.  Every device has a different method of doing the below, but essentially you can do everything we talk about here on a rugged Handheld.

The Soft reset or Reboot

Rugged PDA’s run pretty complex operating systems and as such they all need a reboot from time to time.  The easiest method of doing this is to do whats called a soft reset.  Other names people call this are soft reboot, reboot or reset but essentially you’re rebooting your Rugged Handheld, much like if you were rebooting your PC or laptop.  This resets the memory, OS etc and is the first step if you;re having memory or slow running issues.   Everything you have running according to the startup files, No applications will be removed and after the reboot the device should be in the same state as it was before the reboot, just working better!

Hard reset

Next up the hard reset.  This is designed to put the device’s OS into its out of the box mode, so if you had not installed anything on the device, it should be in the state you first found it in.  This is designed to get rid of data, reset the OS and basically if things have gotten all too much for the device, getting it back to its vanilla settings will get it back to its start point again.

This will effectively clean and wipe the device right down other than the persistent memory areas it might have.  We’ll talk about the persistent areas tomorrow but for now assume they are just areas in the devices storage area that you can’t delete easily.

Hard reset and clean

This is the last kind of reset where the device is completely put into a fresh out of the box state.  Everything is put back to how it was first meant to be including all storage areas, memory, applications and the OS.  Some devices have a specific process and tools to do this, some just need a manual intervention of the hard reset before hand but essentially this is how you wipe the device permanently.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the persistent areas of rugged PDA’s and see why they are so good at being so resilient for your business needs.

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