So to end our mini series on how to look after your Rugged PDA battery, we’re looking at charging today.  Chargers are often overlooked when considering the whole battery and power strategy and yet they form an essential part of this.  A good quality battery charger is always at the root of any battery issues and poor quality, cheap battery chargers will make a big difference to your PDA battery performance.

A charger’s a charger surely?  What does a good one do that a poor one doesn’t?

Well there are a whole host of things.  Firstly the Voltage and Ampage control will be better and more stable in a quality charger, the circuit protection will be better and more sensitive, they can have temperature sensing tech in them so that the battery isn’t charged in conditions that could hurt them and they can also have a boost tech in them to ensure that dead or low capacity batteries are charged effectively.  Also you have to be careful that the charger isn’t an older “pulse” style that Nickel batteries liked but LI-ION ones hate!

So what do I need to look out for when buying a charger?

  • Ask about any recommended chargers for the PDA and try to stick to these, there may be good reason to do so.
  • Ensure the voltage is correct for the battery and device.  If you get this wrong damage will occur and batteries are quite specific when it comes to voltage.
  • The higher the ampage of a charger the faster a battery will charge. Make sure the charger has a good enough ampage to charge a large Rugged PDA battery in good time.
  • Also make sure the ampage is not too high as this can damage a battery too.
  • Ensure there’s decent charge control circuitry in your charger, aimed at the right battery technology.  If you charge a full battery it will get damaged.
  • Keep an eye on the temperature of your charging battery.  If it’s getting warm the charger could be faulty.

I can’t stress this enough.  If you buy cheap chargers off Ebay, you’re probably putting your Rugged PDA at risk, you are certainly reducing the life of your batteries.  We get countless people complain about their  batteries and 99% of them, funnily enough didn’t buy their chargers from us or have admitted to using cheaper sourced ones.  Just because something worked in something before (or you thought it did!) it won’t necessarily work now.  Take advice, try not to scrimp too much and buy the right kit for your handheld device!

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2 Responses

  1. jaeson

    Great post, whod have thought you had all this to think about on just batteries. What do you do with Polymer based batteries?

    • ruggedandmobile

      Hi Jaeson

      LI-POL batteries are in fact Lithium ION so you treat the same as you would a LI-ION battery. We have some great Rugged PDA’s that use 2400mAh LI-POL batteries and they last about as long as a 3800mAh one. Its hard to test but we get a lot of feedback from customers who say they are very good.