WM6.5 Device often don't have the full recognisers enabled (Left).  After the fix they're all back (Right)

The block and letter recognizer function on the SIP keyboard in Windows Mobile 6.5 has largely been taken away as an option on rugged PDA’s but in most cases it’s still there, you just have to expose it.

Now it’s not as easy to just give you a reg key in this case because they’re all stored in different locations on different devices.  However we do have a great CAB file that should work on most.  For those of you who are really in to doing this manually then you’re looking for the “SIPInputMethod” key and setting it to 1.  It should be in the HK Classes Root folder somewhere.

The way you do this is to just tweak a few values in your registry or ask us for a cab file here and hey presto the options are back.

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  1. Alex

    Hello. Can you please provide me with the CAB file or REG file? I am trying to enable a Motorola MC65 or MC75 with Block Recognition