Due to popular demand I have one last post on batteries.  In fact it’s the most common question we have here on rugged PDA batteries and that’s how to condition a lithium ION battery.

The short answer is you don’t really need to condition an LI-ION battery at all!!  However there are still some myths about batteries that still linger from older Nickel Cadmium batteries, so lets dispels those myths first!

First of all the old trick of charging fully, then fully discharging a battery is due to “battery memory” that NI-CAD batteries suffered from.  LI-ION doesn’t have this problem and in fact if you fully discharge a LI-ION battery you can damage.

Second LI-ION batteries, by the book, don’t really need a few charges to get the up to 100%.  They should really be 100% form the first full charge.  However we always say give them 24-48 hours of usage before they get up to speed, largely to ensure the whole PDA is functioning properly and has filled backup batteries up etc.

So What can I do?

I think that charging a Li-ION battery for a good 7-8 hours before using for the first time helps the battery, at the same time it ensures the reset of the Rugged PDA is ready to.  I also think that using a decent charger with the correct charging profile will also help keep your batteries tip-top and of course will give them the best life too.

I also got asked about Li-Polymer batteries so I’ll just clarify that these are in fact a type of Li-ION battery and despite having a different density and total power output, they are subject to the same advice as Li-ION ones.  We’re seeing more and more rugged handhelds coming out with LI-ION batteries these days which give a better battery life in a smaller and lighter form factor.

So!  that’s batteries truly done for now!! We’ll change the subject for the next blog and see you all there!

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