This article explains how to hard reset the Dotel H300 Rugged PDA.

Dotel H300 Power

Dotel H300 Power

To Turn Dotel H300 OFF

Press and hold the “Power button” until you see a prompt asking if you want to turn off the device.

On older models running older OS builds the device will simply power down.

Dotel H300 Hard Reset

Dotel H300 Hard Reset

To Hard Reset Dotel H300

Ensure that the device is powered off.  This will only work if the device is fully off.

Press and hold both the “scanner LEFT” and “Scanner RIGHT” buttons.  These are the yellow buttons on the side of the device.

Whilst keeping these held down, then press and release the power button.

You should see the Boot menu as shown below.


1. Image Update

2. Clean Boot

3. DISK Format

4. Debug Msg : Disable

Now you use the Volume + and – buttons on the left of the device to move your selection up and down.  You use the left scanner key to select.

Select option 2, “Clean Boot”.

The device will hard reset and clean itself down of all files.

Remember that every rugged PDA has a persistent storage area, which you might need to delete manually.  More on that here.

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