Creating Basic Warehouse Applications with the Cipherlab 8200


This is the last of 3 articles showing you how to get started on creating a basic warehouse application, using Forge and the Cipherlab 8200.

In the 1st article we went over setting everything up. Yesterday we went through the Forge Application Generator development kit and today we’re going to sync our data from the 8200 Batch Scanner to the PC.

Syncing your data

Syncing your data is pretty easy.  In the software you installed in the 1st article in this series you’ll actually find a few applications.  One of these is called “Data_Read.exe” and this is a small little application that handles syncing your data from your Cipherlab 8200 on to your PC as a user-friendly (and more importantly Excel friendly) text file.  The main and only screen you’ll see is below and I’ll go through a few of the important areas here.

Setting up


This is where you set up the file properties, whether it overwrites existing data, adds line feeds etc.  You can also set up the filename conventions here and where it will be stored.


You can generate log files here to check where bad syncs are going wrong, also make sure you keep the “always show this dialog box” checked or you won’t see this screen any more!

Communication Parameters

This is an important area as you have to get this right or the syncing will fail.  You’ll almost certainly be using the RS232/iRDA/USB VCOM so unless you have a really old PC or are syncing in a very bespoke manner just use this setting.  The COM port is essential to get right.  If you didn’t catch it when it installed the device then go to your Device manager on your PC and look for the COM port number with the 8200 device on it.  The COM port will be shown there.  Baud rate is almost becoming a non issue these days, leave it at 115000.  If you check the “Keep online…” box then this will leave the Data_Read app in a state where it should auto upload the data when you connect your 8200 device.

Auto Upload and Delete

These settings allow you to choose what data is deleted off the device after a sync has taken place.

Running a Sync

Once set up running a sync is easy.  Follow these steps:

  1. Connect your Cipherlab 8200 batch scanner to your PC using the cable or cradle.
  2. Run the Data_Read app.
  3. Click OK.
  4. The sync will take place or an error will be shown.
  5. You’ll find the new text file saved in the folder you set up above.
  6. Depending on your settings, the device might then ask you to delete the data, select the option you want.
  7. Disconnect the 8200 and you;re ready for more scanning!

It really is this simple, if you get connection issues they tend to be around USB and your PC so just unplug everything and start again and you’ll usually be fine!.

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