Why your Pidion BM170 battery life might be poor!

So back to good old rugged PDA’s and today we’re talking about a small “bug” in the Pidion BM170 that can affect the battery quite significantly.  It’s to do with the way the UserIdle, Screen Off and Unattended power states are handled which makes you think you’re letting the device turn off, when in fact it’s really on.

The problem

The problem is with the way the Pidion BM170 manages it’s auto power off states.  Think of Useridle and Screen off as leaving the device on but just switching the screen and backlight off.  This allows things like GPS to work fully in the background whilst saving power on the screen.  Unattended mode is similar as hibernate on a PC.  It’s the lowest power state a Windows Mobile device has, other than OFF!

seridle tab controls the screen off timeout.w select the useridle tab and make sure this setting is off or less than the value you just set above in the advanced tab.

The solution

To get round this, simply either:

1. ensure that either you do not check any boxes on the “useridle” tab at all.  Most users want the device to go into its hibernate sate, not just switch the screen off anyway and many newer smartphones behave like this anyway.  This is what the warning at the bottom of the Useridle tab is going on about.

2. Make sure the value in the UserIdle tab is less than (not equal to) than the value in the Advanced (Hibernate) tab.


Don’t forget that BM170’s have the new Pidion power button handling tool now too which can help hugely with the power on the Pidon BM170 and other Pidion Rugged PDA’s.

If you need any help with your batteries or simply need to have them tested or need new ones then just come to us and we’ll help as a full PidionCare Service centre.

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