The Pidion BM170 has become quite a popular little Semi Rugged PDA and we get a lot of requests on how to do all kinds of things with it, this blog looks at how to power down, soft reset and hard reset the device.

Power Down

Older BM170’s operated in a very “Rugged PDA” manner, the power button only put the device into unattended (hibernate) mode.  This is a very low power state so don’t worry too much but on newer devices Pidion have changed the behaviour of the power button so you can now hibernate and power the device completely down on a longer press of the power button.


Soft Reset

Easy peasy, there’s a little recessed reset button on the right hand side of the device as you look at it.  You do need something quite slim to operate this, and the bundled Pidion Bm170 stylus is designed to allow you to press the reset button.  This soft resets the BM170.

Hard Reset

This is a bit trickier and sometimes needs a couple of attempts before you get the knack.  All you do however is hold down the round OK button.  Now keep that button held down and now press the soft reset button as in the Soft reset instructions above.  Don;t let go of the OK button, keep this held down for 5-10 seconds after you have pressed the soft reset button.

You’ll know if this worked because the device will go into its set-up mode.  If not it will just boot back into Windows Mobile.


Hard Reset and Clean

A hard reset will not necessarily clean the Pidion BM170 down to factory settings.  If you have been using the persistent directories on the device then you also need to make sure that these are set-up prior to a hard reset.  The directory you need to look at is called “PidionStore”, it’s right in the top-level root of the BM170’s directory structure and you can go right in there with file explorer.  This directory is where you can put all your setup and hard reset resilient applications but of course if you want to clean down the device then you have to sort these out too.

There are 2 ways round this.

Option 1 – What we would recommend is that you either take a copy of your PidionStore folder when you buy your device and keep it safe, or come and ask us here for help.  If you get the wrong files in this folder it can cause the device to become unstable.

Option 2 – Put the device into the ULDR menu and format the PidionStore folder back to its original state.  I’ll cover this in a later blog this week where we explore the ULDR menu of the Pidion Devices.

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10 Responses

  1. E. Clifford

    This is awsome, TY so much, why is it that I was refused this help from where I bought from (XXXXX) but you guys give this so freely?

    Do you have a phone number?

    • ruggedandmobile

      Hi There, had to cut out the company name, sorry about that mate. Many thanks for the comment, we just love what we do so please come and talk to us. Our main number is 0845 22 62 898.

  2. Paul R

    Is this the same for the bm150? I am trying with these instructions but it aint working. can you do one for the bm150?

    • ruggedandmobile

      Hi Paul

      The process is the same for the BM150R, you just use different buttons. So to hard reset you, hold down the Send and OK keys whilst you pressthe soft reset button. Let us know here if this works or not.

  3. oly

    hy i have a bm-170 , the problem is that it would not start ( the battery is fully charged) , if i connect the charger the red light is on , and if i connect the usb the green light is on , my question is what could i do ?, i have tried reset and hard reset but nothing .please help me, i have not used the phone only for 10 day’s since i’ve bought it , after that i have bought another phone and haven’t used the bm170, so now when i found it (after 1 year)againg this happend , the phone is new but i have no warranty.

    • ruggedandmobile


      Can you tell me which country you’re and where you bought the dveice? If it is dead like this it’s either the battery, the device or charger. LI-ION batteries can easily fail if left for 12 months without charging them, the charger can be tested ins omething esle and it is very rare these fail. The device should boot up without the battery in it so try that.

  4. Rahmatimran imran

    How to connect my pidion bm-170 to Windows 7?

    • ruggedandmobile

      make sure you have the latest Windows Mobile Device Manager application installed, you need v6.1. Then just connect the device using it’s USB cable and it’ll connect and sync.

  5. Snovoa

    HI, I have the same problem as oly, I tried to start it without the battery and charged to the computer or plugged directly with the charger, I green light turns on, but I cannot turn the device on, it is a Pidion BM 170 bouht in germany.

    • admin

      Hi, sorry for the delay, we’re busy moving the blog right now to new hosting!

      Are you using the 24Pin connector and cable or the USB one? The BM170 won’t work on just USB power alone, in fact we don’t recommend using it at all as USB ampage is very low and usually not enough to power a rugged (or in this case semi-rugged) PDA .

      If it turns on with the battery but not with the cable then there’s most likely an issue with the power supply or the connector is damaged, worn or corroded and it will need repairing.

      If the BM170 doesn’t turn on at all whether on battery, power only or battery + power then it likely has a more serious problem with the mainboard and will need repairing.

      We can do it here for you quickly and cheaply: