This week we’re going to be looking at the Rugged PDA again and thought we’d do an update to a popular series we did a while ago now which looks at all the features of a Rugged PDA, what they are and why you’d want them.  We’ll go through them 1 by 1 and use a blog article to talk about a specific feature a day.  Today we’re starting with a generic look at all the features you can choose from when looking at a Rugged PDA.

Main Features of a Rugged PDA

So there are a lot of different features a rugged handheld needs to have in order to fulfill the needs of various user types.  In order to fulfill as many uses as possible, these devices come in all shapes and sizes, and also have a specification and feature list that’s configurable, some even changeable. The main areas we’ll be looking at are:

  • Operating System – There are a few OS choices and we’ll talk about the OS’s you can choose in this article!
  • Processor, RAM, ROM and base spec – All the things that a good rugged PDA needs to be fast, efficient and robust.
  • LCD – Sizes, resolution, quality, all the options are discussed here?
  • Bar code Scanners – Are you really going to rely on that camera in your smart phone?
  • RFID Reader Options – Built in snap on or Bluetooth?
  • Cameras – Do you need one, how good is it?
  • Keyboards – Type, usability and choice.
  • 3G/GPRS/Phone capabilities – Will the PDA send data back whilst in the field? How fast, how robust?
  • Wireless networking – How well will it connect and remain connected to your WiFi network?
  • Bluetooth – Do you need to connect to other devices and just how good is BT these days?
  • Speciality Rugged PDA’s – Rugged Handhelds for special customers.
  • A chat about accessories – This can make all the difference

Why are we talking about the features?

Well whenever we sell a rugged PDA we tend to go through a similar process with customers and part of that process is that they always end up learning what they need, why and also appreciating the compromises they might need to make.  All Rugged devices are different, the features may be the same but they can also use different technology to get the same result and we wanted to make sure people are primed and knowledgable about this before they decide to buy.

We’ll kick off tomorrow with a look at the first element in the list above, the OS!

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