Keypad Types

Did you know that rugged PDA’s have multiple keypad types, that are optimised for different uses, here are a few of the most common here:

  • Numeric – like the old Nokia style, best for inserting numbers, mis-read barcodes and general usage.
  • Qwerty – A full keypad, like the older Blackberry’s, best for when users need to input more data like updating cases or questionairres.
  • PDA – Like a smartphone but with a few dedicated physical buttons for ease of use in gloves and to keep the screen clean and free of dirty hands.
  • Smartphone – uses on screen keypad only, just like an iPhone or Samsung Note.
  • Alpha numeric – Usually a lettered keypad at the top A to Z, and a numeric keypad at the bottom. Optimised for warehouse use where quick entering of isle/locations is needed.

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