Today we continue our top 7 tips when buying a rugged PDA, which is designed to help customers ask the right questions and look at the right areas of their proposed rugged Handheld purchase.  last time we looked at Accessories, today we’re looking at Quality.

5 / 7 – Quality

We measure the quality of a rugged PDA using the following guide:

Plastics used

Are they cheap or strong and do you know that you have a rugged PDA in your hand when using it, not a jumped up smart phone?


Are there any USP’s to the design to make it rugged or is this just another PDA?  Does it have the attention to detail in the design that will not only make it tougher but more usable too?

IP and drop spec rating check

Check the spec, check how they test as you’ll be surprised in the variation you see.


There are good well established components and architectures and there are cheap ones too.  Ask about these to make sure the price isn’t hiding something.  Cheap is great as long as the device works and will last and uses established components.


Is the service shabby or is it as good as the prestige brands.  Some brands like Dotel and Pidion enjoy better service than anything now but often you’ll need to ask about the service you get both contracted and warranty level.

Gut Feel

Lastly don’t be afraid to use your gut feel.  If the device just feels over priced or too cheap then that’s not a good foot to start on.  If your reseller is impartial he’s going to be more worried about getting the right product for you.

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