Last in this series of blogs we look at the rugged PDA Reseller.  It’s the top thing to check for because the reseller will be the difference between a successful and fruitful solution or not.

Why is a Rugged PDA Reseller so important?

Well to be honest I’m biased of course because we are one here, however we’re also really passionate and honest about good service and keeping solutions up and running so in a way we really just want to deliver the best solutions for our customers.  Take from that what you want!  However let’s try to quantify this a little bit.

Passion – How passionate are these guys about you, your solution and the kit they’re selling.  Are they technical or just sales? Do they have a good knowledge of all facets required like WIndows Mobile, Software, hardware, Device management, Data Capture?

Expertise – How well do they know the technology they’re selling.  This could be knowing which bar code tech is in the device, to CPU knowledge to how well the GPS works in reality?

Hands on knowledge – Leading on from above, how much does the reseller tinker and how freely do they share this?  How long do they spend with customers and their platforms?  How involved are they in conversation socially?  Do they blog?  Etc etc.  We use and blog about our time with devices here so we know all the small idiosyncracies that might be a pain for you.

Manufacturer Knowledge – Ask them how long they have been selling the manufacturer or rugged PDA’s in general, ask about the support products and see how quickly and knowledgeably they respond.  Device configs, accessories, customer references, warranty, if the answers to all of these are not particularly forthcoming then is it not fair to say they’re just after your pennies for the hardware?

After Sales Service – Who looks after you after the sale?  Do you get a name, a person?  Any technical people involved?  Does the reseller have a formal process for repairs or issues like a portal and how quickly do they respond to your questions?

Loans – How freely do they give out loan kit and do they work closely with you pre-sales to get the right device to you?

Impartiality – There are so many people committed to 2 or 3 brands out there and blindly slag everything else off.  That’s not advice is it?  In this world of choice you need someone who can give you true reasons why they don’t sell brands and why they do with total impartiality between them.

Repairs – Do they have a repair centre and do they keep your repairs in the UK?  We’re fed up sending stuff outside the UK, the service is poor, the pricing is high and it’s not keeping us in jobs here either!

The world has changed and it’s not as easy as picking the top brand and getting what you pay for any more.  All hardware is competent now, however it’s the ability to have great communication, fast, local service from experts who know what they’re doing that will make or break you.

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