So today we get onto the penultimate thing to check when buying a rugged PDA which actually has nothing to do with the hardware itself…we turn to support after you buy it.

2 / 7 – Rugged PDA Support

Rugged PDA Support comes in all flavours and getting this part right will save you the most money over the life of your mobile solution so you need to get this element right.  These are just a few pointers to ask about to make sure you’re buying the right Rugged PDA with the right Rugged PDA Support.

Warranty – Ask how it works, ask about the typical lead times and make sure you get the honest answer as you’d be surprised what you might here.

Repair Costs – A service contract is not for everyone.  Ask about the typical repair costs for your rugged handheld as these can vary massively.  A screen replacement cost, that will happen at some stage, can vary from £170 up to £400 for some devices.

Comprehensive service products – Are the comprehensive service products being offered something that the reseller is committed to or are they just a margin product they are selling?  This can make a real difference in the service you get.

Roadmap – How long will your chosen PDA be about, look at how the manufacturer “end of life’s” their kit.

Parts availability – This is a killer for many people.  Ask about parts availability after end of life of the device.  You need at least 3 and you need this despite not having a service contract too.

Reseller knowledge – Check the resellers expertise as you’ll use this far more often than you’ll ever get a manufacturer to talk to you.  Check they know what they’re doing, know the kit they are selling and can help when you need them to.

hopefully the above will be a few good pointers to set you on your way.  I can;t stress enough how important this element is when buying a Rugged PDA so always ask if you’re not sure, never assume in the world of support and repair!

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