We spoke about usability of the rugged PDA yesterday but today we’re going to look into how you really get a device working for you by configuring it.

Hardware Spec

Firstly check to see if you can configure the rugged handheld before you buy it.  By taking out Barcode Scanners and choosing the right config you could be saving a lot of money.

Secondly ask to see if anything can be fitted after the sale.  Some rugged PDA’s we sell have the ability to add certain modules back in to them after the sale.

How configurable is the Handheld in terms of the keyboard, type of LCD, battery and accessories?  If you get these right you’ll be saving hours of lost time from users not being happy.

OS and software

The other area where you can configure a rugged PDA, that you can’t typically do with a smart phone is to configure the persistent memory areas of the device.

Make sure you understand and use the functionality that allows you to create persistent applications that will be hard reset resistant.  Also make sure that you can tweak and configure the start-up routines, the registry and also make these changes persistent.  This can often be the difference between a dream and a nightmare!

How easy is it to configure the Rugged Handheld’s settings and what applications allow you to do this.  Settings like the CPU speed, 3G bands, Battery and backlight behaviour etc all need configuring to get the most out of your device.  You’ll need help from the reseller to tweak many areas and some PDA’s expose more than others.

Lastly look at the repair and service facilities of the reseller and ask about how your devices will come out of repair configured.  It’s no good you doing all this work when the devices come out of repair vanilla again.

Rugged PDA’s are rarely ready to run out of the box unless you’re using them in the most basic manner.  If you want them to work 100% for you then you need to configure them before and after the sale.

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