We’ve all become rather attached to our smartphones and you can’t really go anywhere these days without seeing most people with their head buried down into that 5″ screen doing something whilst on the move.  However useful they have become though, businesses require a different tool and that’s why the rugged handheld is still here.

This blog explores the top 7 things a rugged PDA can do that a smartphone can’t!

Rugged devices bounce!

Rugged devices are just that; rugged!  Whilst there are some consumer devices that claim to be “Rugged”, the reality is that they’re just waterproof.  Drop a rugged phone from 1.5M and it’ll usually survive. Drop a consumer device from the same height and it usually breaks.

Rugged Devices bounce!

Rugged Devices bounce!

They last all day

It’s not just the fact that rugged handhelds have far larger batteries than their consumer counterparts but they also sip their power far more lightly too.  Consumer smartphones are built to wow us by packing the latest technology into the smallest casings with consumers demanding the latest technology, in the slimmest designs. This also has a huge effect on battery life as new technology usually comes with a thirst for battery power.  Need something that will last a whole shift, then rugged is the way forward!

They can do clever things at power and boot up

Rugged PDA’s have always had persistent storage areas reserved in their memory and they also come with clever features to take advantage of that persistence. For example you can set up your wi-fi with scripts at power up, re-install vital applications if the device is re-booted or just store essential apps and updates to allow for quicker field re-installs when needed.

Rugged devices can do clever things when booting up

Rugged devices can do clever things when booting up

Get loved and supported their whole life!

Granted, the latest consumer smartphones tend to be the first devices to get innovative new technology, but rugged enterprise level mobile devices get all the support and service innovation.  From warranty based support to managed services, rugged devices have lots of options all aimed at multi-year support, often with a full supply chain dedicated to helping you keep your mobile devices running.

Rugged handhelds can scan barcodes…properly!

Scanning barcodes with a standard camera, no matter how powerful will bring lots of issues with it, whilst a Bluetooth scanner option brings extra cost and application complexity.  Rugged devices however include full retail spec barcode scanners as part of their specification.  If you need to scan barcodes efficiently, consistently and above all reliably then the rugged device is the best way to go.

Rugged devices can scan barcodes, properly!

Rugged devices can scan barcodes, properly!

Rugged computers have lots of accessories

Need a quad charger bay, Ethernet cradle or hosted USB to serial cable?  Won’t be able to find those in your local Apple or Samsung shop!

Quad ethernet cradle for your device, no problem...as long as it's rugged

Quad ethernet cradle for your device, no problem…as long as it’s rugged

Choice of operating systems

Rugged devices come with Windows Mobile, Android or the new Windows embedded 10 operating systems, so you have a choice of operating system so you can integrate the best solution with your business back-end servers.  Some devices even let you flit from Android to Windows Mobile and back again if you need making for a more future proofed device.

Rugged handhelds have more OS choice

Rugged handhelds have more OS choice

There are many more reasons why your business needs a solid rugged device so come talk to us if you want to know more and we’ll be here to make sure you find one that makes running your mobile platform a dream, not a nightmare.


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