Rugged PDA Expertise is essential to saving you money in the medium term. Despite what a lot of people in our business think, we continue to sell through Rugged PDA expertise, not using sales faff and preferring to use Rugged PDA Advice to sell real value to our clients.

Rugged PDA Knowledge We see countless numbers of customers come through our doors after being “sold” to after getting either wrong devices or something that wasn’t thought of becomes a huge stumbling block to the future progress of their mobile platform, like missing GPS or battery capacity for instance.

Because we’re totally manufacturer agnostic, we’re forced to be experts on everything we sell. Sure it takes a lot of time, dedication and the right kind of employees and I’m sure our margins are less than the better salesmen out there but at least we get your solution right.

When you talk to a reseller always look for the red flags:
1. Selling “rebadged” devices as their own device. We spot these immediately and we always find that the customers are being charged ridiculous pricing because there’s nothing to compare it to (Unless you’re an expert like us!).

2. Beware resellers who don’t know about the service and support products and don’t even talk about them to you. Sure you may not want them but its s sure sign that the reseller knows the devices really well.

3. Beware of resellers who don’t know a thing about the accessories they sell. Accessories on Rugged PDA’s can be very complex and you need real expertise to get the right product for your solution.

4. Look for resellers who are only just dabbling in the Rugged PDA market. We see a lot of Printer resellers or education providers selling Rugged PDA’s with no expertise or know-how at all. Rugged PDA’s and data capture is at the very heart of our business, it needs to be to get it right for you.

5. Look who’s immersed in their business. We blog, tweet and are heavily involved in many of the data capture groups on linked in and other sites, not to mention all the Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone forums like XDA for instance. We write .NET and iPhone apps and we tinker and constantly learn. Shock horror but we actually love Rugged PDA’s and data capture in all its glory!!!

The result is that we love what we do, which means its fun for us to go the extra mile for you which means that we always do. We work with your project team and we get your solutions right first time.

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