Top 10 features the iPhone needs to be Rugged!

We thought we’d continue having some fun this week with the iPhone 5 with a candid view of the top 10 features we think it should have to make it a mission critical and rugged PDA, so here goes!

More battery options

The device needs to cater for different users and their power consumption so a bigger battery would be nice to see with more options for batteries in the accessory list.

Replaceable battery

The battery needs to be replaceable so that users can rely on the device for full shift working.  Also what happens if the battery fails after 12 months?

Better roadmap

IOS is great but it goes out of fashion too quickly (Yes I know so does Android!) so we’d like to see a committment of 3-5 years, much like WIndows Mobile that the OS will be available and new OS’s will be more backward compatible.  The form factor also changes too often making it difficult to rely on a device for any length of time.  Your workers will end up with multiple devices, all on different OS builds, able to do different things, all with a different set of incompatible accessories.

Bigger form factor

We all know small is good in the mobile phone world, but a bigger device would be easier to hold and use a solution all day with.

More Rugged

Less glass, more ABS plastic, less metal to withstand more rugged weather environments.

Better accessories

The iPhone has a tonne of accessories, mostly from 3rd party providers but to make it mission critical we need to see Quad chargers, Serial cables, better cases and holster, trigger handles etc!


We know capacitive screens are winning the war over touch screens but surely with all that money Apple can come up with an inexpensive and durable capacitive stylus to take those Signatures and pander to the stylus wielding PDA user?

Better Development Platform

Yes Xcode is nice to use but there is a learning curve, otherwise we’d have picked it up here.  With >NET or even Android to a degree you;re using familiar tools, it’s far easier, quicker and cheaper to get solutions built with far more people around able to do them.

Better repair and services

You can’t rely on network products any longer, so where do you go to get fast, genuine parts and repairs for your iPhone?

More buttons

IOS is a superb OS, still delivering the best smart phone experience on the planet in my view, but using the phone in gloves could be a pain and what about making it easier to answer calls or drive a business solution?  Maybe some extra buttons on the case would work better!

So we ran all of this through our servers here to see what the iPhone would look like if it had all of the above and the result are shown below!

Sorry just couldn’t resist that!

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